MA-Waivers: Integrated Community Supports (ICS)
updated April 4, 2024

Integrated community supports (ICS) are MA-Waiver services that help adults 18 and older with living in the community. These services are for people who live in supported apartments in an ICS setting (a multi-family housing building where the ICS provider also owns, leases, or manages the ICS housing units).

How It Helps

ICS can help you live in the community. This can include services and training for:

  • Community participation (getting out and doing things you like to do outside of your apartment). Examples: Help finding things to do, learning to get around, and interpersonal skills.
  • Health, safety, and wellness. Examples: Setting up health appointments and learning how to stay healthy and safe.
  • Household management. Examples: Making your home safe, following the rules of your lease, budgeting, and cooking.
  • Adaptive skills (planning, preparing, and safety). Examples: Crisis prevention, problem-solving, and living safely on your own.

ICS services can be done at any time of day, where you live or elsewhere. Integrated community supports services are provided by the same provider who runs the housing.

Get more details from the manual about these services.

How to Qualify

To get this benefit, you must:

Note: If you live in an ICS setting and choose not to get ICS services, you may be able to get other MA-Waiver services instead.

How to Apply

Talk to your MA-Waiver case manager at your county or tribal human services office to see if you qualify for this benefit.

If you do not yet live in an ICS setting and want to find one to live in, use HB101 Places. Make sure to set the program type to “Integrated community supports (ICS) setting.”