If you are ready to move to your own place in the community, there are programs that can help you move. You can get two main types of help: coordination support and money.


A support person can talk to you about your options, walk you through the benefits and eligibility information, help you develop a plan, and help you find a new place to live. In some situations, this support person will also provide follow-up services to help you get settled in your new home.

Coordination services may include help with:

  • Developing a plan to move
  • Finding and moving to a place of your own
  • Filling out paperwork, such as applications and lease agreements

Moving Funds

Moving funds can help you pay for the expenses that go along with a move. Depending on which program you get your services through, moving funds can help pay for things like:

  • Rental/lease deposits
  • Furniture for your new home
  • Fees for setting up utilities, like gas and electricity

These funds will not pay your rent for you; they are only meant to help get you moved and set up your home. (Learn about programs that can help you pay your rent in HB101’s Programs section.)